Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Day 16

The third of my holiday £1.50 days.

B:  Better have what I planned for yesterday and forgot to have - marmite (8p) on toast (2p)
L:  Chicken drumstick (23p), bread roll (2p), banana (10p), satsuma (3p)
D:  Chicken chow mein - from One Pound Meals so I will need to cost it out - with chicken, noodles and an egg as well as the rest, it has to be well over 50p, I should imagine.  One of the ingredients is a  quarter of a red onion.  Normally I would just sub a white onion but, as the budget is in credit, I will treat myself to one.

And I was right, there is still some gratin left over from last night.  That will be a useful free lunch at some point.

I was going to visit Ingatestone Hall today but it's chucking it down.  What a pain!  Great for the parched garden though.

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