Thursday, 18 May 2017

Day 17

. . . and the last of the three £1.50 days.  Tomorrow is back to £1.00.

B:  porridge (4p) with sugar (1p) and natural yogurt (apf)
L:  half of the two YS salads I found yesterday (9p) on a bed of shredded lettuce (apf) and salad leaves (free from garden).  One of the salads is chickpea based so that's my protein.
D:  huevos con chorizo.  I know what the con chorizo means but huevos???  Must google.  OK, Google tells me it means eggs.  Eggs (or egg) with chorizo - and pepper and new potatoes.  Anyway, it sounds lovely and also dead easy so I shall give it a go.  It's supposed to be a brunch but I don't care!

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