Monday, 22 May 2017

Day 18

This is how things were at the end of last Thursday.
Budget so far £20
Spent: £15.70
Money in hand:  £4.30

The next five days are all £1.00 days

Back on challenge today after two and a half days away and raring to go again
I'm coming home with a few bits and bobs that were left over from dinner yesterday plus some cooking bacon from Tesco that looked hopeful and was only 60p a pack!

B:  toast and fruit (free as still away)
L:  banana (10p) and apple (8p)
D:  roast chicken (free - gifted), new potatoes (free - gifted), peas ( 100g 16p), carrots (4p)
S/S:  after such a self-indulgent weekend it has better be nothing

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