Friday, 26 May 2017

Day 22

Today is a carrot day as I have lots to eat up!  When I buy a bag of carrots (or loose) I divide the cost by the number of carrots so each carrot, whatever the size, is the same price.  Today I have a particularly large one that does need to be used up very soon.

B:  bacon (free, gifted, needs using!) sandwich (apf),
L:  sausage roll (12p: YS). coleslaw (8p), more carrots ( carrot costed as part of coleslaw), mixed salad (mostly apfs)
D:  sausage casserole (to be costed), rice (7p), natural yogurt
S/S:  guess what - even more carrot cut into batons (already costed - I said it was a big carrot!)

For the sausage casserole I will use some of the very YS sausages I bought on Wednesday evening and bunged straight in the freezer (3p), some passata made from last year's garden tomatoes and frozen and any bits and bobs of veg I can find from the freezer (which will be costed using My Supermarket, if necessary)

I'm reaping the rewards of using surplus budget to buy things and account for them straight away (which is what apfs are - already paid fors) as well as some yellow sticker finds.

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