Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Day 26

It's the penultimate day of this cycle of the 5-2 budget challenge and here are my plans for the day which is a £1 day.

B:  Natural yogurt (apf) and stewed rhubarb (1p), apple (8p)
L:  Broccoli soup (10p), carrot batons (4p), apple (8p)
D:  gammon (from pack of cooking bacon - 12p), green beans (50g, frozen, 8p), peas (8p), might have a few home made wedges too (6p), depending on how the strawberries ripen today, maybe strawberries (free) and yogurt (apf)
S/S:  carrot batons (accounted for above)

apf means 'already paid for' which means when I bought the item I took the whole cost from the budget rather than doing it per portion. It works for things like lettuce, cabbage, milk, yogurt, oil, etc, where working out one portion would make life a lot more complicated!

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