Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Day 27 and last day of the May cycle

Just today to go and I'm into the next month's cycle - not that anything will change apart from the budget going back to zero and the budget surplus used to buy apfs.
(apf means 'already paid for' which means when I bought the item I took the whole cost from the budget rather than doing it per portion. It works for things like lettuce, cabbage, milk, yogurt, oil, etc, where working out one portion would make life a lot more complicated!)

Today's menu is:
B:  porridge (4p) with rhubarb (1p) and natural yogurt (apf)
L:  soft cheese (9p) and bacon (YS 8p) bagel (2p), banana (12p)
D:  chorizo and bean stew (28p) with rice (7p) and a side salad (apfs + 10p), natural yogurt (apf) and strawberries (garden) with maybe a bit of stevia (2p)
S/S:  apple (8p), carrot batons (2p)

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