Thursday, 4 May 2017

Day 4

Budget so far £3.00
Spent: £1.95
Money in hand:  £1.05p

Today's meal plans:
B:  porridge (4p), sugar (1p), natural yogurt (apf)
L:  either beans (8p) on toast (2p) or cheese (10p) on toast (2p), depending on whether daughter Beth has lunch here or not, carrot batons (2p)
D:  tuna pasta bake (to be costed as I make it), side salad (2p as most of what I will use are apfs), apple (7p)
S/S:  20g peanuts (5p),  pear (8p)
(apfs are items that I have already accounted for in total. taking the complete cost off the budget - Already Paid For)

And I am going to use the last 50p of April's budget to pay for what I have left in my bottle of veg oil - a bit less than half so that will work fine.

If the pasta bake works, I will post the recipe in here.  I have apfs to use/use up that will go in it nicely.

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