Friday, 12 May 2017

End of day 11

It's been a delicious day today.
For a start, I can recommend second day toasties.

I made a big pot of kidney bean and vegetable curry.  I use a Savers jar but supplemented it with mayflower curry powder, some coconut powder and a veg stock cube with extra liquid as I used quite a lot of veg.  It ended up making five good portions at £1.36, which is just over 27p each (I'll call today's portion 28p and that makes it right).

Anyway - how it went:
B:  apple and banana   Total 22p
L:  toastie, salad and coleslaw, all left over from yesterday   Total 20p
D:  kidney bean and veg curry with rice   Total 35p
S:  natural yogurt and stewed rhubarb   Total 1p

It has been a 'hungry' day but I am glad I resisted!

The budget so far
Today I spent 78p
Budget so far £12.00
Spent: £9.74
Money in hand:  £2.26

I have to get some more milk so I might just leave it until about 8:30 in case of YS stuff.  :-)

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