Sunday, 14 May 2017

End of day 13

MUCH better today, thank goodness.

B:  beans on toast   Total 10p
L:  cheg with salad and coleslaw   Total 30p
D:  fish pie, runner beans and peas   Total 51p
S:  orange   Total 3p

A little side salad made with mostly apfs and the expensive looking mini leaves were thinnings from the garden.  It tasted so good.
The fish pie was pretty great too.

I went into Morrisons to get some sugar as I want to make some marmalade for my parents and they have 2k bags for 88p which is pretty good.

While there I hit some YS stuff.  A bag of little oranges for 19p, three of which needed 'dealing' with so it was really just seven by the time I'd removed the squished segments.

Then I saw bundles of asparagus.  Actually, they had loads of asparagus, it hadn't sold well.  I only got one bundle because it did look a bit tough so I will have it in a quiche or something.  For now it will be prepped and frozen.  I wonder if I can make soup from the more woody stems.  Anyone know?

And then, as I was wandering past the hot food area, a lady was reducing the long sausage rolls.  If gave way and bought a bag and when I got home there were not four in, there were five.  Someone had miscounted.  So that was good too.  They are in the freezer but I might spoil myself with one for a picnic lunch during the week.

For someone who doesn't do YS much, I was well pleased.

So, the budget.Today I spent 94p
Budget so far £14.00
Spent: £11.91
Money in hand:  £2.09


  1. I've made soup with the woody end of the asparagus lots of times - I always puree those soups rather than leave them chunky (which is how I usually prefer my soups - chunky) and its fine. But I haven't made asparagus soup that way, it's always been as part of a broccoli (or broccoli & cauliflower) soup just to add a little twist to the flavour

  2. Thank you very much - that's well worth knowing and I appreciate you taking the time to comment. I'll give it a go and report back!
    J x