Friday, 19 May 2017

End of day 17

A few changes today

B:  I was going to have porridge but then I remembered I had some leftovers from a couple of days ago so I had those instead, rather than freeze them (which I should have done yesterday)  I'd already taken out the full cost so breakfast was technically free.
L:  Pasta and tuna salad and mixed bean salad.  I got them both as YS so they cost me 6p (I split each one into three portions)   Total 6p
D:  the huevos con chorizo was really lovely and I was right - it made enough for two so I split the veg and chorizo mixture and one half is going into the freezer, price 60p.  With the egg added, the total for today was 73p
S/S  YS satsuma and banana   Total 13p

Today I spent 92p
Budget so far £20
Spent: £15.70
Money in hand:  £4.30

And now I'm off challenge for a few days.
Tomorrow I have two portions of YS salads to eat up, one for breakfast and one for lunch (no hardship, it's very nice) that will only cost 12p in total and then I'm eating out and not paying come the evening so it would hardly be fair.
Then I won't be in control of what the meals are over the weekend.

Back on challenge on Monday

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