Wednesday, 3 May 2017

End of day 2

It was all change today.  I had swapped Tuesday and Wednesday's planning around because I thought my daughter was staying for lunch.  However, she didn't, and when we got back from the allotment, I found they needed me in school to take a class for the afternoon (I'm a retired teacher).  So it all went doolally anyway!

This is what actually happened in the end.
B:  poached egg on toast   Total 15p
L:  nothing - I had to get into school to look at the planning, etc.
D:   leek and potato soup, bread and butter, banana   Total 27p

That was it.  Not a great day's eating but good for the budget.  Back to normality today.

Today's total: 42p

Budget so far £2.00
Spent: $1.15
Money in hand:  85p

Still to spend from April:  95p 

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