Friday, 26 May 2017

End of day 22

A few changes but it's been another not all that hungry day

B:  bacon sandwich.  Total 0p (gift and an apf - already paid for)
L:  sausage roll with coleslaw and salad   Total 20p
D:  sausage casserole (delicious and I will post the recipe later) and rice, natural yogurt   Total 27p
I was going to have snacks, etc, but ended up not doing so.

Today I spent 47p
Budget so far £25
Spent: £22.58
Money in hand:  £2.42

I went to Morrison's this morning for some batteries so I glanced at the YS shelves and saw a wedge of brie for - 9p!  I wasn't going to leave that one.  I'm sure I can make a scrummy lunch or two with it this weekend.  I also have leftover coleslaw and carrot that I have accounted for,

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