Saturday, 27 May 2017

End of day 23

A good one!

B:  in the end I just had the banana   Total 12p
L:  the brie, bacon and plum anise jam in a brioche bun was amazingly gorgeously delicious.  I will make that again another day, for sure.   Total 20p and that is generous as I didn't need much of the plum anise jam at all.
D:  lasagne and coleslaw   Total 66p
Also 1 pt milk   Total 45p

The lasagne was easy and delicious too.  I got two portions of cooked mince and veg from the freezer (44p), soaked one sheet of lasagne in water just boiled in the kettle so it went soft and then cut it in half (thank you, Mary Berry, for that idea) (2p), made some bechamel sauce and then constructed the lasagne - mince, half sheet of lasagne, half sheet, sauce, grated cheddar.  Then it went into the oven for around 25 mins at about 180C.

Today I spent £1.43
Budget so far £26.50
Spent: £24.01
Money in hand:  £2.49

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