Saturday, 6 May 2017

End of day 6

A delicious day

B:  egg free pancake stack with stewed rhubarb and natural yogurt   Total 2p*
L:  tomato and lentil soup, bread and butter   Total 17p
D:  Dijon chicken, apple   Total 84p
S/S  peanut butter sandwich, banana   Total 22p

The Dijon chicken was lovely.  I changed things because the whole point of going up to £1.50 now and again is to use up things in the freezer.  I used some cooking bacon, I subbed ordinary onion for the spring onion and I thickened the sauce with some thickening granules.  All these were costed out and the whole dish came to 72p
It was very filling!

* Honestly, because the rhubarb was from the allotment and the milk and yogurt were apfs.  It tasted a lot more expensive than it really was.

Today I spent £1.25

Budget so far £6.50
Spent: £4.96
Money in hand:  £1.54

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