Tuesday, 9 May 2017

End of day 8

Another successful day with a nice surprise at the end.  You would think that the more active I am, the more I want to eat but, in fact, the reverse is true.  The days I slog away at the allotment are the days when it is much easier to stick to the plans.  Weird but I'm not complaining!

B:  porridge with rhubarb and natural yogurt   Total 5p
L  beans on toast and an apple  Total 22p
D:  pork layer bake  Total 43p

The pork layer bake would have cost more if I didn't have apfs, gifted meat, garden produce and YS stuff and if I had gone for a full on cheese sauce rather than a bechamel sauce with grated cheese on top.  I'm glad I went for the latter - it was delicious and I will make use of it more as cheese is expensive both in money and in calories.
AND - it was so filling that I have just under half leftover for a nice lunch tomorrow - that's a bonus I didn't expect.

I'll post the recipe when I have time to write it up.

This is the state of play with the budget:
Today I spent 70p
Budget so far £9.00
Spent: £7.20
Money in hand:  £1.80

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