Saturday, 6 May 2017

Gadget: simpleslice bread slicer

I just want to spotlight something I'm finding very useful.  It is called an 'simpleslice' and it is brilliant for cutting consistent, even slices of bread.  It makes sure that I get eleven slices of bread from my 10p loaf - 1p a slice and one slice 'free'!

It's a hand-operated gadget and I have found it so easy to use.  You can find the web page here

And a video demo here.

It's not cheap but neither is it outrageously expensive either, it takes little space and I now always use it when slicing bread.  There's no fiddly setting up and a quick wipe and it's clean again.

If you make your own bread or buy bread unsliced, it is well worth a look.
(and I haven't been asked for or paid for this post, it is just my own recommendation)

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