Sunday, 14 May 2017

Recipe: cheg

Cheg is an old family favourite.  Mum made it for us when we were children and it's been a fairly regular light meal ever since.

I am sure it has a proper name.  You see it in buffets, etc. more beautifully done than I ever would, but we call it cheg - cheese and egg!

Ingredients to make one
one egg, hard boiled
15g cheese, finely grated
small pinch mustard
a few chives from the garden (optional)
a bit of salad cream or mayo
a bit of smoked paprika

Actually, you can mix in whatever seasonings you fancy really.

Carefully cut the egg in half longways and scoop out the yolk.  Mash the yolk (I use the back of a fork) with the cheese, a bit of mayo or salad cream, a bit of salt and pepper, some chives and a pinch of mustard.
Scoop the resulting mixture back into the whites and sprinkle over with a bit of paprika and a few more chopped chives.
Serve with a salad.

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