Sunday, 28 May 2017

Repeat recipe: macaroni cheese

I've posted this before but, as I tend to have dip in readers rather than regular followers (sad, but there you go!), I think it is worth repeating.
All my recipes are to serve one unless it says otherwise.

50g dry weight of macaroni

125g milk
10g butter
about 1 tbsp plain flour (less for a more runny sauce)
a grating of nutmeg
a pinch of mustard powder
some salt (very little as the cheese is salty) and pepper
40g very strong cheddar, grated

broccoli (optional, but it is gorgeous!)

Cook the macaroni and the broccoli.
Make the cheese sauce, reserving a little cheese.

In an appropriately sized oven proof dish, put in the broccoli, then the macaroni, then cover with the cheese sauce.  Sprinkle the rest of the cheese over the top.

Bake at about 180C until the top is coloured and bubbly, or you can do it under the grill or in a halogen oven.

Making the cheese sauce:
I cheat by bunging it all into Thermione (my Thermomix), setting it at 5 mins, 95C, speed 2

If you make it the longer way, this says it better than I can.  I just add the nutmeg and mustard as well.

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