Sunday, 14 May 2017

Thinking out loud, part two.

Several days ago I mentioned that next week I am planning to have a Holiday from Home and I pondered over fitting this challenge into things, working out a basic menu for the five days that would fit into £1.50 a day (more or less).  Holidays can be ever so expensive, food wise, and I don't want it to be, not this one at least.

Since then, I have planned my outings and, yes, a sort of picnic will work really well for lunches.  I've made my rolls and they are now in the freezer.

When I was shopping, I found two useful things.  One was a pack of chicken drumsticks at 23p each and the other was a pork and onion pie that had been reduced to 25p and which I cut into six portions.  Both are now in the freezer.  I'm pleased because it gives me more variety which means I am less likely to spend a fortune on a coffee shop meal.

I've been through the recipes and I'm really pleased that I might not actually need to get anything more in.  I have quite a selection of bits and bobs in the freezer - quite a lot of vegetables that I froze because I wouldn't use them in time.  I have a few leeks for the leek and bacon gratin, not enough, but it's an adaptable recipe and I can use other veg - cauliflower and mushroom would be lovely, I think.  Two of the recipes call for peppers.  Now I have some left from the YS find last week and they still seem in good nick so it really doesn't matter that they are not the 'right' colour, does it?

I thought I'd do a pick 'n' mix approach next week, for a change.  So I can select from . . .

scrambled egg on toast (15p)
pancake stack with stewed rhubarb and natural yogurt (around 3p - there's lots of apfs there!)
porridge and natural yogurt x 2
poached egg on toast (13p)

Lunches: one of . . .
chicken drumstick (23p) or pork and onion pie (a slice from a YS find - 5p) or cooked chicken (25p) or cooked pork (free)
a bread roll (2p) or 2 slices bread (2p) - bread home made
a flapjack (made yesterday - 5p)
a piece of fruit - apple (8p) or a banana (10p)
plus a flask of coffee.
I should be well fed on that, don't you think?

All from One Pound Meals and they will need to be costed out
leek and bacon gratin
chicken chow mein
huevos con chorizo
I will be eating out (and not paying) on Friday evening which will help the old budget!
They might be accompanied by a simple side salad and/or coleslaw, depending on how I feel and I might make some garlic bread to go with the lasagne.

So there we go - next week sorted and it looks really nice too!

I thought I'd finish with a photo of Mr Barclay, seeing as his recipes are the inspiration for next week's dinners.
(he looks young enough for me to be his grandma, almost!)

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