Tuesday, 1 August 2017

The freezer challenge: day 21

B:  tomatoes on toast, apple
L:  pulled pork rolls with salad, fruit
D:  chicken and veg potato bake, green beans

From the freezer
pork rolls

Into the freezer
We did the last picking of rhubarb yesterday.  Some will be jammed and some will be for Beth but some will go into the freezer for winter.  It's this sort of thing that I need spaces for!

It's also very frugal.  The tomatoes are from the garden, the veg is from the allotment, the pork rolls are YS

I apologise for not doing the detailed costings that I used to do but it's not possible while I'm using up old freezer stuff.  However, the frugal habits remain, which I'm pleased about.  I'm not sure how helpful this current theme is for anyone else but, at some point, when I have mastered the contents of the freezer, I will go back to careful accounting again.

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