Monday 31 July 2017

The freezer challenge: day 20

Yesterday was a triumph as far as using up freezer stuff was concerned as well as being frugal.  A shame I've needed to freeze some of the veg curry but I've only had to do that because my daughter wasn't going straight back home so I'm storing it for her temporarily.

This morning I played lucky dip in the freezer and this is what the meals will be:
B: bacon sarnie (it was delicious)
L:  chicken salad, apple
D:  mince and rice with extra gravy left over from yesterday (to avoid freezing it) and runner beans, maybe courgettes too.

From the freezer
mince and rice
gravy (from yesterday)

Into freezer
vegetable curry

It's just so slow . . . but the bank account is enjoying the experience.

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