Sunday 2 July 2017

Smoked salmon five ways

The more you can get out of a pack, the more frugal it becomes - not very frugal, just less costly (per meal).

1.  In a sandwich.  Nice brown bread, butter, smoked salmon, lemon juice and maybe some salad leaves or cucumber

2.  As a pate.  Smoked salmon, soft cheese, bit of cream (if you have some - optional), chives, lemon juice, plenty of pepper but beware salt as smoked salmon is already salty.  Pop in a mini blended and zizz to the consistency you want.  Use as a dip, on crispbread, bagel or toast or in a pile of lettuce leaves.

3.  Make some toast.  Scramble some eggs.  Add some chopped smoked salmon to the scrambled eggs at the last minute.  Enjoy!

4.  Make a fish pie and add smoked salmon bits to the sauce.  Delicious.  Just beware of adding any more salt!

5.  Fry onion and peppers in a pan.  Add soft cheese to make a sauce and pop in some bits of smoked salmon.  Add lemon juice and seasonings and serve with pasta.  Or use instead of bacon in a carbonara.

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