Wednesday 12 July 2017

The freezer challenge: day 11


Today's plans look like this:
B:  toast and jam, apple
L:  leftovers from yesterday which are NOT going in the freezer!  Courgette, mince and potato bake (and very delicious it was too!).  Then a mini orange
D:  Has to be freezer based so I think it will be a nice, unhealthy sausage roll with a side salad and some coleslaw.  Or, if it's raining and chilly, maybe baked beans instead of the salad.

No spending today (and the bank balance is looking very healthy a third of the way into the month).

From the freezer:
bread for the toast
sausage roll
also I think I will use some frozen fruit to make some jam for my lovely Mum and Dad who are nearly out of things to out on their morning toast.

The veg for the bake came from the allotment, the salad is mostly either home grown or gifted and, if I have baked beans, they will be frugal ones with a shot of brown sauce to give them spice.
So although I'm not costing things out in great detail right, I am being faithful to the frugal roots of this blog.

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