Sunday 2 July 2017

The freezer challenge: day 4

Just for now, the 30-30/5-2 budget challenges have changed -  to free up as much space in my freezers as possible by just eating out of it (plus fridge and cupboard), only buying the basic essentials such as milk, fresh fruit and veg, etc, when needed.
It won't be as frugal but it will mean I don't spend very much money on food in July and, possibly, August.
AND I can then defrost my freezers!

Today's plans:
B:  bacon sandwich, apple
L:  smoked salmon sandwich, side salad (or maybe salad in the sandwich)
D:  Mediterranean vegetable quiche, new potatoes, yellow courgette, yogurt and pineapple

From the freezer:
small back smoked salmon
quiche (YS and rather old, bad me)

From the garden/allotment:
new potatoes

No spending today.  I'm out of butter but I have plenty of 'Beautifully Butterly which is . . . well, OK.

Later . . .
. . . dinner was delicious, even the old frozen YS quiche (which I over cooked - ooops).  In the end I roasted the courgette with some red pepper for about 30 mins.

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