Monday 10 July 2017

Recipe: pulled pork pie

This isn't really a recipe, to be honest, just a way of using the pot of pulled pork I had in the freezer, leftovers from a Sunday dinner last year.  It had some lovely stock in it so I didn't need to add any gravy.  You can use any leftover bits for this.  Just add a bit of gravy if necessary

I make a small amount of pastry using Pat Parker's idea of weighing out your flour (50gs worth), adding a pinch of salt, mashing in 25g of oil and then adding up to 25g of water to make a soft pastry dough.  Wrap it and chill it for a while.

I'm a bit useless with pastry but this works for me for pies, producing a crisp top and a fluffy underneath.  I only ever make pot pies so don't have to worry about soggy bottoms!

So, into a small, ovenproof dish or pot goes the defrosted pork and a few chopped veg - a bit of onion and a mushroom, maybe.  Then I pop over the pastry and bake it for around 25 mins at 180C (fan oven).

That's it!  Dead easy, really frugal, tasty and a good way of using up your scraps of Sunday joint or bits that you froze rather than throw away.

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