Thursday 6 July 2017

The freezer challenge: day 7

I've been for a lucky dip in the freezer and this is the meals I have come up with for today.

B:  bacon sandwich (probably with brown sauce, yum)
L:  cheese salad wrap
D:  duck breast with new potatoes and veg, probably peas and sweetcorn
plus assorted bits of fruit/veg

From the freezer:
duck breast

I won't need to buy anything today, all the other things are in the fridge or cupboard, although yesterday I got a pint of milk, a block of butter and I treated myself to a bottle of sparkly water as a treat.  It was only 18p so won't break the bank and I did enjoy it yesterday evening in a champagne flute to make it feel posh!

Now I'm off around Google to find out how to cook the duck.  I've never cooked that before so fingers crossed I don't mess it up!

Last of all - suddenly there are a few spaces in the freezer.  Cheers!

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