Sunday 30 July 2017

The freezer challenge: day 19

I'm well pleased with today.  Yesterday I learned that I will be having four guests for lunch today with varying diet requirements so . . .

B:  yogurt and fruit
L:  sausages, new potatoes, green beans, onion gravy, mixed veg curry and then plum custard and ice cream
D:  probably leftovers

From the freezer:
white wine
butter beans
ice cream (but I bought that specially so it doesn't really count in the challenge - in fact it's the only think I had to buy apart from drinks)

Not bad, eh?  Lots of annoying small packs of this and that, things that tend to fell to the bottom and get lost!

There will be leftovers but I am hoping that my guests (family) will take most of the leftovers with them so I probably won't have to put stuff into the freezer!
Fingers crossed.

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