Monday, 6 February 2017

End of day 10

It all worked out as planned, more or less.  A nice, frugal day, thanks to my mum and dad with whom I was staying.

B:  toast and marmite and an apple (all free)
L:  a very late lunch of an apple (8p), an orange (8p) and a pear (7p) followed a little later by a small pot of salted peanuts (4p)
D:  yesterday's leftover cottage pie (free) and some runner beans from the garden last year (also free), followed by some natural yogurt (apf)


I had £21.54
I spent a measly 27p
Remaining £21.27

However, I needed some more milk and I made some more yogurt.  One pint of milk cost 44p and a litre of long life was 49p so I must take both those off.

So now I have £20.34 and it is nice to be a bit ahead of myself as I start the second third of the challenge.
Back to normal tomorrow.

I took photos of dinner but they have all come out blurry.

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