Wednesday 22 February 2017

Recipe: American pancakes

I had half an egg left over from the shoestring carbonara.  The idea is Jamie Oliver's, seen on one of his programmes, when his daughters were helping.
(apf means I have already paid for it - e.g. I took the 45p off the money I had left when I bought the milk)

half an egg (beaten) - 7p
half a cup of S R flour (came to about 70g) - 2p
half a cup (or a little more) of milk - apf
a pinch of salt
some spray oil - I used spray oil, you could use that or butter or whatever.  Spray oil uses the least but butter is nicer! - apf

to serve:
some sweetened yogurt (my own natural yogurt with a bit of sugar) - yogurt is apf and the sugar is less than 1p so call it a penny!

Put the flour and the salt into a bowl and make a well in the middle.  Pop in the egg and some of the milk and start whisking.  Add more milk until it is the right consistency - sort of like pouring cream - and smooth.  It doesn't take long and isn't worth getting the mixer out for.

Heat the oil in the pan.  When it is very hot, add one ladleful of batter.  It will spread a bit but not as much as a crepe which is a thinner batter.  After a few minutes you should see bubbles popping up over the surface and underneath will be getting brown.  Flip it over (it's easy) and cook the other side for a short time.  Then remove it from the pan onto a plate kept warm in the oven.

Pray again and repeat the process until all are done.

This made five pancakes, cost to me 9p so let's call it 2p each.

I had three with the sweetened yogurt and the other two can go into the fridge to have for dessert tonight, spread with marmalade (apf) and more yogurt.

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