Monday, 13 February 2017

End of day 17

This was a very yummy lunch.
And this was a very yummy dinner.

Day 17 is nearly over and here are the final figures!  Most of the individual amounts are in this morning's entry.
B:  porridge, jam (it was home made pear and cinnamon and very delicious with porridge) and natural yogurt   Total 7p
L:  wholemeal roll, ham, onion chutney (home made and I am reckoning 3p), carrot batons   Total 22p
D:  sardine fishcakes, runner beans, a dollop of my home made spicy ketchup (3p), stewed plums (couldn't find the rhubarb under all the other stuff but the plums were a gift too) and natural yogurt  Total 27p
Evening snack:  apple and baked beans (subbed for the pear because they need eating up and not at the same time!!!) Total 16p

So, here are the numbers.

I had £14.85.
I spent 72p
Remaining:  £14.13

I've been busy working out a meatball recipe and typing it up - It's on the menu for tomorrow and I think it is going to be a goodie.

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