Monday, 27 February 2017

End of day 28

This is how things have gone today.

B:  granola, natural yogurt and pineapple (and it was so delicious)  Total 10p
L:  tomato and lentil soup (13p), apple (free)  Total 13p
D:  YS peppercorn kiev (30p); mash (7p); runner beans (free)  Total 37p
S&S:  toast and peanut butter (6p); yogurt and pineapple (4p); peanuts (4p)  Total 14p

So . . .
I had £4.57
I spent 74p
Remaining:  £3.83

BUT - I had a close call.
I was in school this morning doing a few hours of supply teaching (which explains the free apple as Infants get a playtime fruit snack provided).  Warned by what happened last week, I was prepared and took my soup in with me.  I then helped out at a lunchtime club and in a FS classroom in the afternoon, which I always do.
When I came out just before three, I was tired, aching (I have a bit of a cold) and hungry and, unfortunately, Morrisons is just over the road.  I went in, in a sort of 'oh, blow it' frame of mind but half way round, thankfully, I came to my senses and left without buying anything - I hadn't been able to see anything I craved and suddenly I realised that I could have some toast at home, and THAT was what I really wanted!
A lesson learned again, I think, because I so enjoyed the toast and the bread was a gift so free.  I didn't blow either the budget or the calories!

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