Thursday, 23 February 2017

Day 25

I have £7.93 left and four days to go.
This is what I expect to have today

B:  1/3 can baked beans (8p) on toast (2p); apple (6p)
L:  broccoli soup (12p), bread (2p); orange (8p)
D:  sardine fishcakes x 3 (21p), broad beans (from dad's garden, free); home made spicy ketchup or onion chutney (3p); natural yogurt (apf)
Snack and supper:  peanuts (4p), toast (2p)

So it should come to around 68p

I put 'peanuts 4p' quite a lot, don't I?  Let me explain.  I get a smallish bag of them from Aldi for 48p and decant them into titchy little pots.  I get 12 pots of them which makes them 4p per portion.  Not many but I nibble them one at a time and they give me a good savoury, salty hit as well as adding a little to the protein intake.

(apf means already paid for)

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