Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Day 29

I have £3.83 and two days to go.  Fingers crossed for me!

This is what I plan to have today.
B:  porridge (4p), natural yogurt (apf) and pineapple (4p)
L:  peelings soup (8p), toast (2p), carrot batons (4p)
D:  cottage pie (22p + 7p); corn on the cob (free), cabbage (apf); apple (6p)
S&S:  orange (8p); sourdough pancakes (to be worked out);

I have sourdough on the bubble so it will be simple to use some for the pancakes.  I like the thought of using what is called 'discard' (except that I don't discard it!) to make something so delicious.  I'll post the recipe later in case anyone's interested.

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