Thursday, 9 February 2017

End of day 13

OK, so I stuck to plans fairly well although some things changed.

B:  1/3 can beans on toast   Total 11p
L:  ham roll and apple   Total 23p
D:  two fishcakes (14p); 50g peas (4p), corn on the cob (free from my Dad's garden); spicy ketchup (3p); natural yogurt (apf) and I decided no strawberries.
Snack:  a few salted peanuts (4p)

I do some tutoring and one of my young students turned up with a small cake that he made earlier so I shall enjoy that later on - free!

So the financial state of play is . . .
I had £18.81
I spent 59p, thanks to some gifted free stuff
Remaining:  £18.22
So that's OK!

I did have a danger point though.  I needed to pop into Morrisons for two onions and was a mm away from loading my trolley with sugary/alcoholic stuff.  That's why the peanuts!

I'm so glad I didn't!

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