Thursday, 23 February 2017

End of day 25

Bit of a crash and burn day today, compounded by the fact that I have muddled my days and my months
First of all - I have five days to go because it's a 30-30 not a February-30.  Glad I got that one sorted!

But - things went wonky today.
I had everything planned, ready, organised and then I had an email asking me to go into school and do some short notice supply.  That threw me completely as I wasn't ready for lunch before I needed to leave for school.  What I should have done was have lunch early but I didn't.  I won't make that mistake again.  When I got home, instead of having the lovely, healthy soup, I dived straight into a bar of chocolate left over from fudge making before Christmas.  Fortunately, it was a Savers bar!  Unfortunately, I felt a bit yurk afterwards as I'm not used to all that sugar now.

So this is what today looks like
B:  baked beans on toast  Total 10p
Late L:  too much chocolate and then bread and butter total 32p
D:  sardine fishcakes, broad beans, ketchup and natural yogurt  total 24p
S:  peanuts, apple, orange  total 18p

It hasn't totally smashed the challenge, not even dented it really, but the calories are quite a different matter!

I had £7.93
I spent 84p
Remaining £7.09
And I have FIVE days to go!

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