Saturday, 18 February 2017

Helpful gadgets: oil diffuser

While I'm off challenge, I thought I'd still post but about things/gadgets I am finding helpful.

The first of these is my oil diffuser, called a Misto which I use daily.  You can get them via Lakeland, here. 

It might be a weird think to call helpful but it is because it makes the oil go such a long way - helpful from the frugal point of view but also from the calorific perspective, plus you know exactly what you are using, unlike those one cal commercial oil sprays you can buy at goodness knows how much with goodness knows what added to them.

You fill it half full of oil.  Several pumps of the lid later you're ready to spray.  The bumph on Lakeland (which is where I bought it) gives the capacity as 75mls and it should be half filled so I know that I need to add 35mls and can cost that when it is poured in, hence the apf (already paid for) label.

Surprisingly, the reviews on the Lakeland site are not that positive but my experience of it is quite different and I have said so in a review.  Yes, it takes a little bit of muscle to pump it up in order to pressurise it, but not all that much.  It works well with veg oil (which is basically rapeseed oil) and olive oil is of similar consistency.  I would imagine a thicker type oil might not be as suitable.

As I am saving an absolute fortune on food during this challenge, I think I will buy another one, to use with olive oil.

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