Friday, 10 February 2017

Recipe: chicken and chickpeas in a 'creamy' sauce

I was dithering about what to cook tonight but found some chickpeas in the fridge that really did need using up so . . .
Wish I could take better photos and a bit of corn and a few peas would make for a better colour.  This was really tasty and one to make again, for sure.

Ingredients to make one portion
* a small amount of raw chicken, sliced (26p)
50g  home cooked chickpeas - not out of a can, they're more expensive!  (5p)
a little bit of onion, sliced finely (2p)
spray oil (apf)
small squeeze garlic puree (3p)
1 mushroom, very finely sliced (5p)
a sixth of a tub of Morrisons Savers soft cheese (9p)
milk (apf)
50g rice (7p)

Cook the rice while cooking the rest.

Spray a little oil in a pan and gently fry the onions until they are soft.  Then add the mushrooms and fry them for a short time - they cook quickly.
Toss in the chicken and fry until just cooked.
Add the garlic puree and the chick peas, mix well and cook gently to heat.  The chickpeas go a bit 'fluffy' inside, as if they are about to puff up (but they don't).

Then add the soft cheese, a few herbs of own choice and a splash of milk - just a little bit.  Mix gently until the cheese has melted and amalgamated with the milk and everything is covered in the sauce.
Taste and season.
Serve on a bed of rice.

Total:  57p

*  I bought a bag of what were optimistically called 'chicken fillets', counted the number of bits and divided it by the cost.  What I used for this was some bits that were at the bottom of the bag.  They'd be a lot less than 26p (and the rest would be a bit more) but that's how I'd worked out the cost!  Swings and roundabouts

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