Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Recipe: chicken and mushroom pasta

I bought a pack of frozen chicken 'fillets' from Aldi, counted how many bits and worked out an average price per bit which was just under 28p.  I have a bit of conscience about it as I doubt the chickens had a very good life.
(apf means already paid for)

Ingredients to make one portion, costing 55p
spray oil apf
piece of chicken  28p
three small mushrooms, cleaned and sliced  10p
one small onion (Morrisons wonkies) peeled, halved and sliced 2p
garlic granules, dried parsley, black pepper apf
1/6 back soft cheese (Morrisons Savers)  9p
a splash of milk apf

50g pasta (raw weight) 6p

Put the pasta on to boil.

While the pasta is cooking, spray a pan with oil and gently cook the onion.  Then add the chicken, cut into bits.  Finally ass the mushroom.  Cook, stirring, for a few minutes (it doesn't take very long).  Add a pinch of garlic granules, some black pepper and a pinch of dried parsley (or fresh, if you have it)  apf

When the pasta is cooked, drain it, reserving a little of the cooking water.
Into the pan, oput the soft cheese, a splash of milk and a bit of the cooking water.  Stir gently as the cheese heats and melts.  When it is all piping hot, add the drained pasta and mix well.  Serve immediately.

It could do with a bit of colour, couldn't it?  a bit of chopped chilli, maybe?  Ever so nice though and pretty filling too.

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