Thursday, 13 July 2017

The freezer challenge: day 12

I had to do a bit of shopping yesterday after realising that the yogurt I was saving for the next batch had gone off.  Annoying!  So I got another carton of milk too.  I'm getting through milk a lot more while I have a decorator to ply with coffee.  Ditto for sugar!

Today's plans
B:  I still have two eggs that are close to floating but not quite so I will have scrambled egg on toast
L:  I have a bit of pepperami to use up plus some gifted veg so I'll get some of last year's home made passata out of the freezer plus a bit of frozen veg and make a sauce to have with 50g pasta
D:  while playing lucky dip yesterday, I dug up some frozen Chinese leftovers - a bit of curry, a bit of sweet and sour and two little veg spring rolls.  I'll have them but not do any rice as I'm having pasta for lunch

From the freezer:
bread for toast
bit of frozen veg
frozen Chinese leftovers

Yesterday I dug out a bag of value mixed berries that have been in my freezer for years.  I simmered them, pushed them through a sieve, added sugar and lemon juice and now I have a nice pot of home made mixed berry jam - it was mostly blackberries, to be honest, but the jam tastes good.

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