Thursday, 27 July 2017

The freezer challenge: day 17

Back to it for several days so I should be able to make some inroads into the surplus!

B:  toast and jam, fruit
L:  I'll probably be out with my daughter
D:  I found some fillet tails in the freezer which I remember I got in a 'posh meat' pack ages ago.  Hardly frugal but even less so if I don't use them so some is now out and defrosting.  I've looked up recipes and I gather you cook them just the same as plain fillet (oooh-er) so that's what I will do and have it with new potatoes and green beans from the allotment and tomatoes from the garden as the tomato plants have started producing.

I have cream left over from when I had a guest this week so I'll probably make a naughty little sauce for the steak with it.  Bad as it all sounds, apart from lunch, it's no spend today.  Lunch is also probably going to be no spend as I have a voucher given as a birthday present!

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