Monday, 9 October 2017

Recipe: potted ham

I used my mini chopper for this as it's such a small amount.

last bits of a piece of boiled gammon, trimmed of all fat and other 'bits' and cubed
some butter
some mayo
bit of mustard powder
Amounts are vague but the butter and mayo together (about half and half) came to just under the volume of the ham - ish!

Bung it all in the mini chopper (don't add salt!) and blend until required texture.  I like it very smooth.  Push the mixture back down from time to time.  If it is too stiff, add a bit more mayo.
Tip it into a ramekin, cover and chill until needed.
Lovely in sandwiches or rolls, or on toast like pate.

This is one of those adaptable things - you could add any herbs and spices you fancy, I guess, although remember it's not going to be cooked.  I kept it simple but jazzing it up works too.  Google for potted ham recipes for ideas.

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