Tuesday, 31 October 2017

The freezer challenge, day 51

I'm on a mission to clear my freezers of all old stuff and bits and bobs, by using it all up instead of spending on new stuff.  Sort of retrospective frugality!

Today's plans:
B:  bacon sandwich with home made tomato ketchup
L:  baked beans on toast; fruit
D:  flat iron steak with fried onions and tomatoes; yogurt

From the freezer:
flat iron steak
maybe tomatoes as there might be enough still hanging around in the garden

The frugal factor:
The bacon is nice slices from a pack of cooking bacon - I got lucky with that one.
The bread is home made..
The baked beans are Morrisons savers (which I like) with a squirt of ketchup or brown sauce.
The ketchup is home made from garden grown tomatoes
The steak is not frugal, of course, but flat iron steak was half the price of sirloin when I bought it and just as nice - the price has gone up since it was 'discovered' though, sadly.
The tomatoes are garden grown, whether fresh or from the freezer.

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