Friday, 21 April 2017

Day 10

I have £11.40 and now it gets a little bit complicated.
'Day' 10 is actually spread over two days.  Breakfast and lunch today and then tea on Sunday.  This is because in between times I have visitors staying and am hosting a family meal on Sunday.

However, even for those meals, I am automatically thinking 'frugal' without skimping, so I think maybe the habit is starting to become a lifestyle.
As I quoted in a previous post from 'Family Feasts for a Fiver':
'Disciplined household management is a bit like going to the gym and keeping fit; it's tough at the beginning but, if you stick at it, it becomes habit and then, ultimately, a lifestyle.'

Anyway - today's plans
B:  toast and jam (2p), apple (7p)
L:  tuna and a salad  (30p as most of the salad is apf)

And then, probably, on Sunday evening
T:  beans on toast (10p), natural yogurt (apf)
S:  carrot batons

In between times I'm off challenge and planning:
Breakfasts: toast and fruit (what we always have)
Small meal:  tomato and lentil soup, rhubarb cake
Main meals:  fish and chips (oven baked);  lasagne, salad, garlic bread and then rhubarb and custard; and the family meal is ham, cheg, jacket pots, salads, fruit, cheeses and crackers.
Lots of home mades which is almost always better value as well as nicer!

(apf means 'already paid for')

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