Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Recipe: chickpea burger.

A bit of a casual recipe with no definite amounts really but it made me the most scrummy chickpea burger today so I'm sharing.

I had some chickpeas - part of a small pot of them from the freezer that I used on Monday for the stuffed pancakes and yesterday for the chickpea and pork curry and I still had some left.  It wasn't a big portion but chickpeas go a long way.

I zizzed up half a small onion and a quarter of a carrot until in tiny bits.  To that I added the chickpeas, a pinch of paprika, cumin and coriander, a little squeeze of garlic puree, some fresh parsley, a splash of bottled lime juice and a small amount of plain flour.  I then zizzed it again until it was a firm 'mush'.

Using extra flour, I shaped the mush into a burger, popped it on a floured plate, covered it and chilled it until the evening.
I fried it gently in some veg oil, turning it carefully, until both sides had turned a 'golden' brown and served it with some sliced tomato in a brioche bun with coleslaw, the rest of the tomato and some radishes on the side.

That was it.  I forgot to take a photo, sadly, but there's none left now and I'm full!

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