Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Recipe: savoury stuffed pancakes

This isn't quite a recipe, more an idea.
I will describe what I did and you can adapt to suit what you have

You need pancakes.  I had two smallish home made sourdough pancakes.

You need a sauce for the filling.  I used passata from last year's tomatoes, some onion, carrot and a few chickpeas and some seasonings.  I sauteed the onion and carrot, then added the passata and simmered it down, adding herbs, salt, pepper, bit of garlic puree and tomato puree.  Then I added the chickpeas.  You could use whatever you want: a bit of leftover bolognaise, chicken in a sauce, whatever.  You don't need much filling.  I had more than half left over and made a curry with it next day!

I grated some cheese - I used 40g.  You could make a cheese sauce but I didn't bother.

I used some soft cheese that I had made from a batch of yogurt that I left in the maker too long,

Heat the oven to 180C
Spread the soft cheese over the pancakes.  Spoon over the hot sauce and roll up the pancakes.
Place them is a suitably sized oven dish.  I used a foil container.
Sprinkle over the cheese, ensuring that it covers the pancakes.
Pop it in the oven for about 15 mins until the cheese is melted and everything is piping hot.


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