Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Day 8

Remaining:  £12.70 and it is another £1.00 day

B:  toast (2p), jam (apf), banana (12p)
L:  tomato soup (made with last year's garden tomatoes so 8p), small salad (lettuce, cucumber, carrot 2p as the first two items are apfs), pear (8p)
D:  mincemeat pie (made with one portion of mince and a pastry topping, about 25p), cauliflower (5p), cabbage (apf)
S/S  I have some lovely, cheap carrots from Aldi, loads of them, so guess what suppers/snacks are going to be for the next little while!  (2p)

Quite a frugal spend today although it would be more if I didn't have apfs, which are things I have already paid for in total as the total cost has been deducted from the budget.  I'm pleased to be able to fit in quite a lot of fruit and veg too.

After another slight change in weekend non-food planning, it's all going to be a bit more complicated.  It was going to be easy - my guests were going to arrive Saturday am and leave Monday am which would fit well into the challenge - just take two days out.
However, now they are coming Friday afternoon and leaving Sunday afternoon so what I'm going to do is have Friday breakfast and lunch and Sunday evening as one day's meals (not sure if it will be a £1.50 or a £1 day) and take the bits in between off challenge.  It sounds more complicated than it will be in reality, I think - I know what I mean, anyway.
And I must remember to take some money off the budget as originally only Sunday was going to be off challenge!
That's real life, isn't it?

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