Thursday, 20 April 2017

Day 9

I have £12.07 and today is a £1.00 day.

My plans are . . .
B:  porridge (4p), sugar (1p), natural yogurt
L:  leek and potato soup (13p), apple (7p)
D:  tuna pasta bake (still costing it out but it won't come to more than 50p), simple side salad of lettuce, cucumber, cauliflower and carrot (5p as some is apf), natural yogurt (apf)
S:  carrot batons (2p)

I've had another 'think' about the weekend, looked carefully at my plans and realised that I think I can do Saturday as a £1.50 day, even with guests.

Breakfast will be toast and fruit, for lunch I plan to make my tomato and lentil soup (and I know that's frugal) plus bread and then something like rhubarb loaf and dinner is home made lasagne (the mince is frugal, bulked out with goodies like lentils, oats and loadsa veg and is currently bubbling away in my Thermomix, smelling wonderful) with a simple salad and some garlic bread, followed by something with rhubarb - probably stewed and with custard as I know my guests love that.
I know that will all fit into a £1.50 budget for me.
I think I will be pragmatic and just say it's £1.50 for the day.  That will keep me on track nicely.

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