Sunday, 23 April 2017

End of day 11

Well, it all went fine and, while I have no exact totals, I am certain that it came to around £1.50 in total, especially as there was some lasagne left over (just the meat and cheese sauces), now resting in a gloopy heap in a container in the freezer, labelled with a slightly arbitrary 25p because I have to call it something!  That'll do for a meal this coming week, won't it?

So . . .
I had £11-40
I spent £1.50
Remaining: £9.90

I'm now into the split day - It's a bit complicated but I know what I'm doing.  Practically, it means that Friday breakfast and lunch and Sunday's evening meal are going to count as one day.
I had planned to be off challenge on Monday (birthday, being taken out for lunch) but, you know what - I'm going to count it as it is only one meal I'm not paying for.  I'll have to add an extra £1.00 to the budget as I hadn't thought I would be including Monday when I worked it all out.

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