Sunday, 30 April 2017

End of day 18

The pea cannelloni, adapted quite a lot.

It's been a delicious day!
B:  porridge with stewed rhubarb and natural yogurt   Total 5p
D:  pea cannelloni with mixed salad and coleslaw.   Total 52p
T:  toastie, coleslaw and mixed salad - both leftovers and costed for dinner.   Total 20p
S:  I was too full up to have any snacks or supper.

So I had £5.35
I spent 77p which is ridiculously low for such a scrummy day
Remaining:  £4.58.

That's a nice way to end the month and I have £4.38 to get some apfs for the May budget.
I still have one and a bit tubes of tomato puree and some plum jam left.  Some will go on more milk and a batch of yogurt and I bought a cabbage the other day which I haven't taken off the budget yet but started using today so I will do that.  I might spend a bit on more basic salad veg, given that it's getting warmer.  

I shall have to ponder on this one, I think.  I want to make the best of the money, after all..

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