Thursday, 13 April 2017

End of day 4

This is how it all worked out.
B:  porridge with sugar and natural yogurt.   Total 6p
L:  lentil and veg soup.   Total 8p (I didn't want the bread or the apple and didn't have time anyway!)
D:  fish pie with peas, mango yogurt   Total 48p
S:  apple.   Total 9p

I had £16.91
I spent 71p
Remaining:  £16.20

It's funny how keeping busy makes you forget about food.  I've been working hard in the garden and then in the kitchen, dealing with bits, bobs and scraps from the fridge that really did need sorting out.
I now have:
three pots of plum jam
seven portions of leek and potato soup
blanched and frozen parsnips (for roasting)
chopped and frozen broccoli bits for future soup
frozen cauliflower
chopped and frozen rhubarb
I won't need to do much shopping for AGES!

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